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I have taken many trading courses from “World Class Traders”. They are all 2-3 days and then you are
own your own, which isn’t going to be enough, trust me on this one.  Your highest chance for success
in this business is to have a long-term mentor. I’ve been with Franz for over a year now and have a
completely different perspective on the markets than you can get from reading countless books or taking
other trading courses. You will not find anyone more committed to their students and their success than
Franz, period. You’ll look forward to the room everyday and the online companionship of fellow traders.
Randy B. California

"I have been Franz’s Trading room member for almost one year. I believe that If you cannot become a
professional trader in this room then you will never become one. The trading signals are the best, but
you also learn the other things necessary to become successful; patience, discipline and money
management. Listen, absorb, analyze what is taught in the room; learn the market and implement your
plan and you will be on your way to success”.
J.R., New York
Complaints about Franz Shoar…No Way!
Franz is a great teacher and trades right along with you so that you learn 
all the essential elements of how to become a profitable trader. His signals 
alert you as to when to enter a trade and when to exit a trade in order to 
maximize your profits. The system produces over an 80% chance for successful 
trades which is unheard of in this industry. This is documented every month 
by the statistics that Franz publishes for you. Franz is always looking for 
ways to improve his system so as the market changes you are able to 
capitalize on the new characteristics. Franz will help you to create your 
trading plan and trading strategies which best suites your trading style. If 
you stay disciplined, follow your trading plan and use the system Franz has 
created you will make money in the market.
Dennis Palmerston, VA

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What is the risk factor using Bulls Eye Traders System?

The “Monthly return over investment” on our home page is a good indication of our overall monthly success and failure. Just like any other business, there is always inherent risk involved. It is recommended that students/investors not use borrowed money or money that would affect their everyday life. 

Franz Shoar of Bulls Eye Traders

A student of Franz Shoar
Being a student of Franz Shoar has  been a terrific experience. This is the 
1st time in 35  years I've looked forward to "going to work" everyday. I  
shouldn't call it work. Work for me was never this much fun!. Franz  is very 
patient with all his students, helping us not  only during the trading day, but 
whenever we need  him. He's a terrific guy with a big heart. Franz's wants us to  
succeed & it shows in all he does. If you have the desire  and are teachable & 
patient, you have a lot to look forward  too having the time of your life 
learning & trading with Franz. I  started in the Alert Room in Feb 2006. I had 
zero experience.  Franz recommended I trade only in simulation for 3 months. I  
developed a trading plan with his help, traded that plan (simulation  only) & 
found it was the best advice I could have gotten. In mid May I  began trading 
with real $. It is Jan 17th, 2007 as I'm writing. My  monthly average ROR from 
May through Dec  2006 was just shy of 21%. That's per month! Where else  can 
someone with no experience trading earn those kinds of consistent  returns in 
such a short period of time, and have the time of his life  to boot! All my 
thanks Franz.
 Jeff R.  PA

Franz Shoar aka Faramarz Vahdatshoar

I started trading with Franz over a year ago after a friend of mine told me of his success in the trading room. I went back and forth with my profit. I would gain some money then make some mistakes and lose it. I was just about ready to quit, but thought I would give it one more try. I had learned so much over the year and knew I could make it if I would just follow the rules and learn to control my greed and fears. I scrapped together what money I could and went at it with a new determination and patience. In November of ’08 I increased my account several thousand dollars by following the system. Then in December I did not have one losing day and I tripled my account. I simply applied what I had learned over the past year. I was shocked as this amount of money was equal to my whole take home pay from my full time job for one year. And I did it in one month. My success continued and in January of ’09 I tripled my account again, with only 2 losing days during the month. I have never had this amount of money before and am very excited. I am now paying off my credit card debt and considering taking a leave of absence from my job to pursue trading full time with the intention of quitting my job completely after a couple more months of successful trading. I can’t say enough about the Bullseye Trading System. It is so unique and I have learned so much in the trading room. It is a real education. I feel I have learned things in this trading room that I could not learn anywhere else. It has made a real difference in my life. I have tried many trading and money making programs in the past including stocks, options, commodities, and others. None has come close to what I have done with the Bullseye trading system. It’s a real system that can be tailored to each individuals needs. I am so thankful and fortunate that I found Franz and his trading room. My dreams of financial independence are becoming a reality after many years of frustration. Thank you Franz.

Russell Adrian, CA

Bulls Eye Traders Testimonial and Franz Shoar Reviews

I first joined Bulls Eye Traders (BET) in October 2008 when I heard of the phenomenal success and Return on Investment (ROI) that Franz Shoar, founder of the BET, had made during 2007 and 2008. Franz’s ROI in 2007 was 1710% annually, and 1874% in 2008.
Prior to joining BET I purchased multiple trading systems over the years and participated in multiple trading/educational schools, but experienced only marginal success.  Most other trading schools were more interested in selling systems than genuinely helping their students succeed financially.
Bulls Eye Traders’ incredible ROI continued in 2009 with 557%, 1049% in 2010, and through 8 months ending August 2010 accumulated a ROI of 1002%
I am particularly proud to be associated with a winning team as evidenced by the fact that Franz Shoar competed in the World Trading Competition held in August 2011 .  Franz was deemed the best professional trader out of 447 other professional world traders.  The exact techniques, same signals, and the same strategies that Franz used to win this coveted competition is taught and used on a daily basis in the Bulls Eye Traders trading room.
A new student can trade, train and learn along side a Professional Trader five (5) days a week from 9:30AM- 4:00 PM (ET), can view all of the course tutorial videos twenty-four (24) hours a day, can attend three(3) different daily support sessions, and can have private one-on-one coaching if necessary. 
My personal daily goal is to be in and out of the market within the first three (3) hours with six (6) points of profit ($300.00) trading the S&P Emini and a daily goal four-percent (4%) ROI.  As my experience has grown I have found my winning days are far exceeding my loosing days and my dreams of becoming a Professional Trader are becoming a reality thanks to Franz Shore and Bulls Eye Traders.
Mark K.
Austin, Texas

Franz Shoar
The best place for learning Emini future day trading is Bullseyetraders room. I`d like to appreciate Franz and Shahrokh that they are very good teacher and I learned a lot in this room. I learned diciplin , management , fear control and how to be successfull.  I enjoed trading with them and I`m very thankfull. It is realy appriciated that Franz shars his knowlege , education and
his experience with students. First days of learning seems , it is very hard but after too much practice , it will be so easy and understandable. Now I`m glad to learning about this market. thank you Franz again.
Austin tx

If you want to learn how to trade Bulls Eye Traders is the place. I’m very happy that I joined them since then my life has changed for better good.The only cautious word I have for beginners is to learn everything first before they start trading. I thank Mr. Franz for the opportunity he gave me and the instructors for their help.  John P , California.
Day Trader Bulls Eye Traders

Day Trader Bulls Eye Traders